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I'm sure that at this stage the developers don't want the weights to be freely distributed by the invited researchers.


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Image weight was first introduced in v3 and supported values of -10,000 to 10,000.

. class=" fc-falcon">How-to guides. It appears that image quality and caption similarity as a function of aspect ratio depend on the input caption.

pt --img 416 --conf 0. !python detect.

Try to upload image via link in midjourney discord faeing the issue.


. I am trying to use the image weight feature for mid journey and it keeps telling me that custom image weights aren’t allowed in version 4? What does that mean?.

img: image size which must be the same as training image size. py --weights weights/last_yolov5s_custom.

Jan 28, 2023 · Cannot use --version 4 with only a single image prompt.
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Jun 10, 2020 · source can accept a directory of images, individual images, video files, and also a device's webcam port.

0. . EfficientNet models expect their inputs to be float tensors of pixels with values in the [0-255] range.

Pytorch Hub provides convenient APIs to explore all available models in hub through torch. Please try changing the attribute name. py --weights weights/last_yolov5s_custom. user8567316. Getting started is easy: pip install comet_ml # 1.


Before using the pre-trained models, one must preprocess the image (resize with right resolution/interpolation, apply inference transforms, rescale the values etc). .